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Directives To Students

1. This school is yours and you belong to the school. Your sense of belongingness should be shown in your behavior both inside and outside the classrooms and in the school bus.

2. School is your second home and you are expected to keep your classrooms and surroundings neat and clean in the same way as you maintain your home and surroundings. Avoid throwing eatables here and there. While sharpening pencils, dust-bin must be used. Waste paper must be put in the dust-bin only.

3. Timely arrival and departure are essential aspects of discipline. The school hours are from 9.20 am to 3.15 pm. You are expected to reach the school before the first bell. Ensure regular attendance in classes and on the day so assessment.

4. Wearing neat and clean uniform, keeping the body neat and clean, taking proper care of learning materials including text books & note books, avoiding foul language, etc are other important aspects of discipline. You are advised to pay attention to all these aspects of discipline.

5. Exemplary behaviors is another aspect of discipline. Behave properly giving due respect to teachers, elders and school/classmates. Follow Instructions given by teachers.

6. Wastage of food is a crime when thousands are left starving. Hence you are advised to pack minimum required quantity of food so left Over's minimized and school surrounding remain Clean and free from environmental pollution.

7. Move in an orderly way during morning assembly while coming out of classrooms. Always wait for your turn at the drinking tap, wash basin and urinal. Do not enter other classrooms without permissions from the principal and concerned teacher.

8. Avoid damage school properties. Do not write, carve or scratch on wall and furniture.

9. Pay attention to studies and cultivate genuine love for learning.

10. For developing leadership qualities and overcoming stage-fright, you are advised to actively participate in co-curricular activities morning assembly, as per programmes given this diary.

11. You are advised to follow the above guidelines to develop into worthy members of society and citizens of our great Nation.

Best wishes


Attention to Parents / Guardians

Education is a co-operative venture. Parents are requested to maintain healthy parent-teacher relationship. Active involvement of parents in healthy functioning of the school is earnestly solicited. Parents/guardians are requested to pay special attention to the following instructions.

1. Absence of the child on silly reasons must not be encouraged. Unless very essential, children should not be allowed to remain at home on school days. Application stating the reason, duly signed by the Parent/Guardian must be submitted when the child is unable to attend classes.

2. 15 day's continuous absence without leave will result in the removal of the child's name from the attendance register. Re-admission will be granted only at the discretion of the management on request from the parent in Writing and on payment of re-admission fee along with other dues, if any.

3. No child suffering from any contagious infectious disease will be allowed to attend the class.

4. Please ensure that the child takes all Evaluation Tests. No re-exam will be conducted later. In the case of absence from tests on extreme situation performance in other tests will be evaluated for promotion.

5. Parents bringing children in their own vehicles are requested to stop the vehicles near the boundary of the school campus to facilitate free and easy movement of the little children inside the campus.

6. Children may be advised not to cause willful damage to school property or other student's property. Else, concerned parents have to pay for the damage.

7. Prompt response to communications from the school is requested. Progress reports, Test materials, etc. may be collected on the prescribed date itself. They can also discuss progress of the child with the subject teachers on such dates.

8. In all correspondences with the school, name of the child along with the class and division must be mentioned.

9. Please avoid meeting or calling teachers during class hours. Teachers can be contacted during lunch break (12.15pm to 12.50pm) and between 3.30 pm to 4.00 pm with the prior permission of the Principal.

10. Student should not bring or wear valuable ornaments in school. The school is not responsible for personal goods or money lost.

11. Co-curricular activities are being conducted on all Fridays during the last two periods, as given in this diary. Parents are requested to encourage children to participate in co-curricular activities and morning assembly.

12. Parent Teacher meetings are conducted periodically. Please make it appoint to spare some time to attend meetings and share your valuable suggestions for the betterment of the school functioning.